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chant des oiseaux

In this engaging article, explore our unique animal cries slideshows that you can download for free, perfect for those looking to learn animal cries alongside their little ones. Babies are attracted to simple things like animals. This presentation includes the sound of the animal with its photo, which will allow double encoding of the information presented.

Our animal cries slideshows are crafted with simplicity to ensure that your child can focus on and learn the distinctive cries of various animals, making it an educational adventure. These animals cries slideshows were produced in a very sober way so that the interaction with the parent remains the support of this presentation. Only the sound of the animal, the photo of the animal and the name of the animal (and yes you may have forgotten the name!!!). Understanding animal cries through these slideshows promotes active learning, unlike videos which might overly captivate your baby’s attention. We are convinced that using screens is not a good thing before a certain age, which is why we do not recommend using a video which would tend to capture your baby’s attention too much and induce an altered state. of consciousness, a little trance which will prevent him from carrying out his very important motor tasks. With our slideshows, the screen is just a presentation medium in the same way as a sheet.

Stay tuned as we continuously update our collection with more slideshows featuring a wide range of animal cries, helping your child to learn about animals in a fun and interactive way. This page is evolving and presentation slideshows will be added regularly.
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This slideshow was created with Libre Office Impress which is free software that can be downloaded directly. Please let me know if the sound effects are not working. You should have the call of each animal on the slide (in playback mode). If not, something is broken!

These slideshows were designed to nourish the absorbing mind that very young children are endowed with. A very young child will develop a deep immersion in the data around him. After two years and three months he will already have a very good basis regarding the language that is spoken in front of him and which will become his mother tongue. No language learned later in his life will be his mother tongue because he will not have been imbued with it. We are going to teach him a lot of unity of intelligence during this phase of absorbing mind where children are real intellectual sponges.

We cherish your input and experiences as you explore the world of animal cries with our slideshows, and we look forward to seeing your joyful learning moments with your baby on Instagram. We advise you to go through the slideshows quickly, one second per slide is a good basis for reference. We hope that you will find this activity fun and that you will have a friendly time with your baby. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback, a video of the sessions with your baby on Instagram would make us very happy!

Download the birds-1.zip slideshow.

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